Laboratory of Autonomous Robotics
and Artificial Life


Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, CNR


Laboratory of Artificial Life and Robotics
Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, C.N.R.
Via S. Martino della Battaglia, 44 - 00185 - Rome - Italy

voice:  0039-06-49932201
fax:  0039-06-44595243

How to reach us

We are located very close to the city center, in a district named Castro Pretorio. Our Institute is in a short brown historical two-storey building at the beginning of Via S. Martino della Battaglia, at the entrance number 44.

From the Airport "Roma Fiumicino"

The best way to reach us from the Airport Leonardo da Vinci "Roma Fiumicino" is to take the train to the city centre or the taxi.

The taxi fare from the airport costs around 40 euro (supplements might be asked for luggage, night-time runs and public holidays) and the trip takes approximatively 45 minutes.

Alternatively at the train terminal of the airport you can take the "Leonardo Express" Train to Termini Train Station, the trip will take approximately 35 minutes. Train Tickets are available at the ticket office, at the news agent-tobacconist and at automatic ticket desks (9.50 euro). The train runs from 6.30 am to 11.30 pm, and departs every 30 minutes.

Once at Termini follow the directions below:

- continue by public transportation: buy a ticket for the subway from the news agent kiosks or at the machines in the subway station (1euro). Rome has only two subway lines, A and B (red and blue lines). Take "Metro B, direzione Rebibbia", i.e. subway B (blue line), direction "Rebibbia". Leave the train at Castro Pretorio subway station. Leave the subway station following the directions for San Martino della Battaglia. Turn left on San Martino della battaglia. Our door is just 20 metres ahead, on the right side.

- follow the map below, we are at 10 minutes walking distance from Termini Train Station.

Maps of the ISTC-CNR area


Hotels in the area

Hotel Villafranca (4 stars), Via Villafranca 9, tel: +39-06-4440364

Champagne Hotel (4 stars), Via Vittorio Bachelet 4, tel: +39-06 -927209 or +39-06-492721

Artdeco Hotel (4 stars), Via Palestro 19, tel: +39-06-4457588

Hotel S. Marco (3 stars), Via Villafranca 1, tel: +39-06-490437

Hotel Piemonte (3 stars), Via Vicenza 32/a, tel: +39-06-4452240

Hotel Montecarlo (3 stars), Via Palestro 17/a, tel: +39-06-4460000

Hotel Astoria, (3 stars), Via Vittorio Bachelet 8, tel: +39-06-4469908

Hotel Lux (3 stars), Via Gaeta 14, tel: +39-06-4441692

Hotel Brasile (3 stars), Via Palestro 13, tel: +39-06-4819486

Hotel Villa delle Rose srl (3 stars), Via Vicenza 5, tel: +39-06-4451795

Hotel Dolomiti - Sada sas (3 stars), Via San Martino della Battaglia 11, tel: +39-06-491058 or +39-06-4957256

Hotel Fiamma (3 stars), Via Gaeta 61, tel: +39-06-4818436 or +39-06-4818912

Hotel Siviglia (3 stars), Via Gaeta 12, tel: +39-06-4441197 or +39-06-4441198

Windrose Hotel (3 stars), Via Gaeta 39, tel: +39-06-4821913

Hotel Fiume (3 stars), Via Brescia 5, tel: +39-06-8543000

Hotel Sunrise (3 stars), Via Cilento 3, tel: +39-06-82011093

Hotel Virginia (2 stars), Via Montebello 94, tel: +39-06-4457689

Hotel Mirage (2 stars) , Via Milazzo 6, tel: +39-06-4455661 or +39-06-4463124

Hotel Marco Polo (2 stars), Via Magenta 39, tel: +39-06-44704478 or +39-06-4474091

Solomon Hotels (2 stars), Via Palestro 9, tel: +39-06-4465890, +39-06-44703927 or +39-06-484940

Hotel dell'Urbe (2 stars), Via dei Mille 27/a, tel: +39-06-4455767


Hotels in the historic centre of Rome

Grand Hotel Plaza (5 stars) Via del Corso 126, tel +39-06-69921111, +39-06-69941575

Hotel Colonna Palace (4 stars) P. Monte Citorio 12, tel. +39-06-675191

Hotel Piranesi (4 stars) Via del Babbuino 196, tel +39-06-328041

Hotel Carriage (3 stars) Via delle Carrozze 36, tel. +39-06-6990124

Hotel del Corso (3 stars) Via del Corso, 79, tel. +39-06-36006233, 06-36006041

Hotel Madrid (3 stars) Via M. de Fiori 93-95, tel +39-06-6991510