RomeCup 2016

Since 2007, RomeCup is an event dedicated to robotics and education: it hosts robot competitons, seminars and workshops connecting together schools, research centers, universities, enterprises and institutions.
Overall, the goal is to promote robotics and science education for the new generations, and to develop new competences and skills to face an ever changing job market.

Vito Trianni and the ISTC will participate with a stand in the exhibition area, bringing to the public some of the research in robotics carried out within the institute. On the one hand, we will showcase the research on robot swarms and collective intelligence, with live demonstration and video footage about the coopeartive problem-solving abilities of multi-robot systems (thanks to the project DICE). On the other hand, we will present research about robotics and Ambient Assisted Living, and it will be possible to see and interact with the Giraff robot used in tele-presence research programs for the assistance of the elderly (thanks to the PST lab).
Additionally, a workshop for shool students with Vito Trianni will explore the complexity of collective behaviour with live experiements in which the students will behave like fish schools or bird flocks.
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