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  • Anna Borghi, Luca Tummolini (2017). Symposium Concetti astratti: diversi tipi, molteplici rappresentazioni. Participants: Anna Borghi, Sara Dellantonio & Remo Job, Marta Ghio & Marco Tettamanti, Luca Tummolini. AIP Sperimentale, Bari, September 20-22, 2017.
  • Anna Borghi, Luca Tummolini (2015). Symposium Object, action and space. Participants: Anna Borghi, Angelo Cangelosi,Harmen Gudde and Ken Coventry, Holger Diessel, Pia Knoeferle, Luca Tummolini, Virginia Volterra. 6th International Conference on Spatial Cognition (ICSC): Space and Situated Cognition. Rome, 7-11 September 2015.
  • Anna Borghi (2012). Symposium Objects and action in the individual and social space: Affordances and embodied cognition. Participants: Corrado Sinigaglia, Ferdinand Binkofsky, Anna Borghi, Oliver LIndemann & Paulus; J. Stefanucci, Creem-Regehr S. et al. 5th International Conference on Spatial Cognition (ICSC): Space and Embodied Cognition. Rome, 4-9 September 2012.
  • Martin Fischer, Anna Borghi. Symposium: Embodied Robotics: from Affordances to Action. Participants: Anna Borghi, Giovanni Buccino, Tony Morse & Angelo Cangelosi, Jeremy Golsin & Rob Ellis, Martin Fischer. 1rst Joint Conference of the EPS and SEPEX, 15-17 April, 2010, Granada.
  • Andrea Serino, Alessia Tessari, Anna Borghi, Manos Tsakiris. Summer School THE SENSE OF THE BODY, Bologna, June 2008. Funding: project selected, awarded and funded by ISA (Istituto Studi Avanzati, University of Bologna) and funded by the European Science Foundation.
  • Lucia Riggio, Anna Borghi: Organization of the symposium: Affordances: tra percezione e azione. Participants: Leonardo Fogassi, Lucia Riggio, Fabio Ferlazzo e Anna Borghi. AIP, sez. di Psicologia Sperimentale, Rovereto, September 13-15 2006.
  • Summer School Neural network models of perception, action and embodied knowledge (Department of Psychology, University of Bologna, July 13-19, 2005. co-organized with Stefano Ghirlanda

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